Premium Queen Size Double Air Bed with a Built-in Electric Pump and Pillow

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Integrated easy-to-use electric pump for full Inflation and firmness in 3 minutes (mains powered)
Built-in raised pillow provides head and neck support with bed-like comfort for a great night’s sleep
Blow up bed fitted with 35 structured air-coils for maximum support and durability

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This Premium Queen Size Air Bed from Active Era® (The Body Supply) is made with an ultra-prime quality, hard-dressed in puncture resistant-subject matter. A formidable and simple-to-use electric pump (mains powered) is integrated into the blow up bed to permit full inflation in simply 3 mins, with an extra deflation setting so air may also be got rid of to cut back storage size when no longer in use. A manual air-valve has also been fitted must you want to inflate or deflate the air bed with out the included pump.

The built-in raised pillow supplies added neck and head beef up for a super night’s sleep, and the airbed has been covered with a soft-touch water-resistant flock making it highest to be used both at home or when camping. The queen size mattress has also been designed with structured air coil technology that permits for an excellent distribution of weight to be used by folks, adults and couples.


– Queen size
– Robust built-in electric pump
– Integrated raised pillow
– Soft-touch water-resistant flock coating
– 15 Gauge puncture resistant subject matter
– 35 structured air coils for support
– Manual air valve fitted for flexibility
– Puncture repair kit included


– Size: 203 x 152 x 48cm
– Power: 220V-240V, 50Hz

Integrated simple-to-use electric pump for full Inflation and firmness in 3 mins (mains powered)
Built-in raised pillow supplies head and neck beef up with bed-like comfort for a super night’s sleep
Blow up bed fitted with 35 structured air-coils for optimum beef up and sturdiness
Extra thick, hard dressed in and water-resistant flocked most sensible layer has been designed with a multilayer, 15 gauge puncture-resistant subject matter
Large Queen Size with inflated dimensions of 152 x 203 x 48cm. Puncture repair kit included and CE Approved

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