power supply 45W – original 00HM616 for Lenovo B40-30 / B40-45 / B40-70 / B40-80 / B41-30 / B41-35 / B50-30 / B50-45 / B50-70 / B50-80 / B51-35 / B70-80 / B71-80 / E10-30 / E31-70 (80KX) / E50-80 / E51-80 / Essential G700 / Flex 2 Pro-15, 3-1120, 3-1130, 3-1470 / G400 / G40-30 / G40-45 / G405 / G40-70 / G40-80 / G410 / G41-25 / G500 / G50-30 / G50-45 / G505 / G505s / G50-70 / G50-70m / G50-80 / G510 / G51-35 / G70-70 / G70-80 / IdeaPad 300-14ISK (80Q6), 300-15IBY, 305-14IBD (80R1), 305-15ABM (80

£19.73 (as of 24th March 2018, 2:18 pm)

Output: 20V
Power: 45W / 2.25A
Power cord included in delivery

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– Output: 45 Watt – 2.25A / 20V – Enter : one hundred-240V / 50-60 Hz – with appropriate Energy twine For record of to be had Energy cords click on right here

compatible to Lenovo:
B40-30, B40-forty five, B40-70, B40-eighty, B41-30, B41-35, B41-eighty (80LG), B50-30, B50-forty five (80F0), B50-70, B50-eighty, B51-30 (80LK), B51-35 (80LH), B51-eighty (80LM), B70-eighty, B71-eighty, E10-30, E31-70 (80KC), (80KX), E31-eighty, E40-30 (80EN), E40-70 (80EQ), E50-eighty, E51-eighty, Aspect 15 (80H1/80K9), Very important G700, Flex 2 Professional-15, three-1120, three-1130, three-1470, three-1570 (80JM), G400, G40-30, G40-forty five, G405, G40-70, G40-eighty, G410, G41-25, G41-35 (80M7), G500, G50-30 (80G0), G50-forty five, G505, G505s, G50-70, G50-70m, G50-eighty, G510, G51-35, G51-70, G70-70, G70-eighty, IdeaPad three hundred-14ISK (80Q6), three hundred-15IBY, 305-14IBD (80R1), 305-15ABM (80NL), 305-15IBD (80NJ), 305-15IBY (80NK), 305-15IHW (80NH), 320S-15ABR (80YA), 320S-15AST (80YB), 500S-14ISK (80Q3), 720s-13IKB (81A8), E50-70 (80JA), Flex 10, Flex 14, Flex 14D, Flex 15, Flex 15D, Flex 2-14, Flex 2-14D, Flex 2-15, Flex 2-15D, S20-30 (80GW/80GX), S210 (80AN), S210 Contact (80AQ), S215 (80AR), S215 Contact, S500 Contact, U330 Contact, U330P, U530 Contact, Yoga 11, Yoga 11S, K2450, LaVie Z, M50-70, M50-eighty, S21e-20, S41-70 (80JS), (80JU), S41-seventy five, ThinkPad 11e (20D9/20DA), 11e (20E6/20E8), 11e (20ED/20EE), 11e (20G8/20GA), 11e (20G9/20GB), 11e (20HS/20HU), 11e (20HT/20HV), 13 (20GJ), 13 (20J2/20J1), A275, E450, E450c, E455, E460, E470, E555 (20DH), E560, E565, E570, E575 (20H8), Aspect E550 (20DF/20DG), Aspect E550c (20E0), Helix (3xxx), L450, L560 (20F1/20F2), L570 (20J8/20J9), L570 (20JQ/20JR), P40 Yoga (20GQ), P40 Yoga (20GR), P51s (2
Output: 20V
Energy: 45W / 2.25A
Energy twine incorporated in supply

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